BeLight BeSafe

BeLight Auto with Integrated Dock Safety Traffic Lights, Inside and Outside

The BeSafe Dock Light & Traffic Safety Light Solution:

  • BeSafe eliminates the need to constantly replace dock light fixtures and bulbs.
  • BeSafe uses less wall space than traditional signal lights.
  • BeSafe doesn’t create a blocked view like many inside signal lights.
  • BeSafe eliminates unsafe premature truck departure.
  • BeSafe helps save time and money associated with replacing damaged dock safety lights.

BeSafe has all of the same features as the BeLight plus:

  • BeSafe traffic lights switch as the door is opened and closed.
  • BeSafe dock light (par 38 bulb base) and inside red/green lights are fully protected.
  • Super bright MR-16 LED red and green lights inside.
  • LED exterior light fixture (flashing light optional).
  • Suspended drop in capsule includes photo eye.
  • Removes light fixtures from the wall.

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Red light out side instructs the driver not to pull away when door is not closed. Red light would have been on if BeSafe was installed.

BeSafe Dock Light & Traffic Safety Light Design


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