Your Beline to Zero Repairs

Loading Dock Equipment Specialists

Jamas Enterprises – Your BeLine to Zero Repairs

Jamas Enterprises is dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of loading dock products that reduce maintenance cost and down time. We hold four patents and have one patent pending in this area. We recognize how important loading docks and doors are to the product flow of any industrial or logistics facility and have learned, over the past 20 years, what primarily causes the most interruptions to product flow – Fork lift damage to your building and equipment.

Each of our loading dock products were developed to reduce maintenance cost and down time, while creating a safer work environment. We are always looking for ways to keep you focused on moving product. Our mission is to help prevent unexpected events that cost you money.

Our current product lineup includes:
BeLight, BeLight Twins, BeLock, BeLock Controller, BeSafe, BeSeal, Rack Guard SD and SentryPost.