BeLock Controller

BeLock Controller Loading Dock Security and Safety Taken to a New Level

BeLock Controller provides a signal when the door is locked. Now, with BeLock Controller the most durable sectional door lock available, you can control all of the functions at your dock.

BeLock Controller base system includes:

  • Enhanced BeLock with an integrated micro switch
  • 2 meter quick disconnect cable
  • Control box with face mounted LED indicator light
  • 12VAC control voltage


Same features as BeLock Signal also with the ability to interlock up to 3 different electrical devices at your dock.

*Includes BeLock and BeLock Signal

BeLock Controller benefits:

  • More secure than traditional slide locks, as the BeLock Controller traps the roller.
  • BeLock is a nearly indestructible lock with superior holding force
  • BeLock Controller allows you to see from a distance if your door is locked

BeLock Controller Plus is the above customized to your needs:

  • Optional 3 circuit relay
  • Optional photo eye
  • Optional wireless capability
  • Optional remote monitoring

The BeLock Controllers’ ability includes but is not limited to:

  1. De-energize your dock equipment when the door is locked.
    – This will eliminate the accidental press of your dock leveler or door operator “UP” button thus destroying your slide lock and possible damage to your door and tracks. This can also save energy if dock lights are routinely left on when not in use.
  2. Switching your inside and outside truck traffic lights based on whether your door is closed and locked.
    – This will increase the safety on your dock as your warehouse staff and truck drivers will know when your door is closed and locked or when it is open.
  3. Track the intervals that your doors are closed and locked and when they are unlocked and open.
    – This is a tool to balance work load and people, allowing you to gather data on door usage, time between trailer drops, peak activity, time between loading/unloading completion and trailer pulls. This data can be used to better schedule man hours and to increase turns at your doors thus decreasing labor cost.
  4. A remote module in your office telling you which doors are unlocked.
    – This can be useful when turning your building over to offsite security monitoring
    – For increased security while building is staffed, you will be alerted if a dock door is unlocked. If a truck is not scheduled your loss prevention efforts are enhanced.
  5. Eliminate magnetic door lock hardware.
    – Eliminates costly repairs and service calls. Modifications or damage to dock doors will not require a visit from your security company.
  6. Trash compactor will not function unless your door is closed and locked.
    – This will eliminate the need for a secondary safety gate, saving upfront cost and maintenance cost.
    – This may also eliminate the need for management presence for a key switch.
  7. Adjust your heating and cooling system based on whether your door is open or closed.
    – This will help in your energy conservation efforts, reducing cost and increasing comfort.

BeLock Controller allows for an interlock with:

  • Dock Leveler
  • Door Operator/Opener
  • Dock Light
  • Traffic Safety Lights
  • Building Security System
  • Compactor door
  • HVAC Systems and more

Call us today to arrange for a free demonstration of BeLock Controller:

  • Save Energy
  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Security
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Accumulate door usage data
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BeLock Controller Plus will be designed specifically for your application and for your desired output. The BeLock Controller Plus has the ability to know if your door is closed and locked.

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